For almost 40yrs Acupuncture and Natural therapy center, Acupuncture Emporium, and now South Brisbane Acupuncture and Natural therapy center has been the most recognized and trusted clinic in West End & South Brisbane.

The Acupuncture and Natural Therapy center was originally established in 1982 by Phil Vanderzeil who provided care and support for patients in West End for over 30yrs. He was practicing Acupuncture decades before it became mainstream.

Dr. Nicola MacDonald with a passion for fertility and women’s support worked with Phil Vanderzeil before taking over the practice in 2015 and added Emporium to the name to make it Acupuncture Emporium and Natural Therapy Centre. The clinic also moved just around the corner from Thomas St to Ambleside St. in West End. Nicky’s passion for her patients was evident to anyone who was fortunate enough to be treated by her. Life, however, took her down to Victoria in late 2019.

Dr. Graham Sinclair who was a former student of Nicky’s had his own well-established practice in South Brisbane and worked with her over 6 months the help her transition down to Victoria. He has subsequently taken over the clinic to create South Brisbane Acupuncture and Natural Therapy Centre. He is honored to continue the work of Phil’s Acupuncture and Natural Therapy Centre and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of patient care and passion shown by Nicky MacDonald.



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